Daily Rant

Fitbit pissed me off a lil’ bit…

Ya I’m a little cranky, so I’m just going to rant a little. I got a Fitbit Surge a little over a year ago. For those of you who don’t know what a Fitbit is, it’s a VERY EXPENSIVE fitness tracker (watch) that you wear constantly to track your daily activity, etc. Anyways,  the first watch I bought started to rip at the back where the band attaches to the face of the watch. I contacted Fitbit and they were very pleasant to deal with, and they sent me a replacement.

The replacement hasn’t even lasted me three months and it already started ripping on the front where the band attaches to the face. I contacted Fitbit again and they said they weren’t going to offer me a replacement but instead 25% off any other fitness tracker. HA! So of course I get this email and I was just fuming. I’ve had several friends who’ve owned the Surge and they’ve all had the same exact problem many times. Every time their watch ripped, Fitbit sent them a replacement. I have one friend who’s on her FOURTH watch. So, I emailed the customer service representative back saying they either need to stop making this watch or go back to the drawing board with the design because there’s no way that an expensive watch should be breaking that much.

I also said I would appreciate a replacement, one that’s going to last more than a year. Not everyone can afford to buy a brand new watch every time their’s breaks. Like do these companies think were made of money? That watch was almost $400.00 when I first bought it. There’s not way I’m about to buy a new one on a yearly basis. Even if they did offer me 25% off, that barely covers the tax in Canada.

Anyways, I’m extremely disappointed with Fitbit. I love that watch, I wear it everyday, and I never take it off. I bought it because I thought it was good quality and it was going to last me for several years. Had I known this was going to be the issue, I would have went with another, more reasonably priced company.

Now I’m SUPERGLUEING my $400.00 watch. And don’t get the wrong impression here. I’m not a bratty rich girl. I’m pretty cheap and I only buy a select few expensive things. Things that I use A LOT. I work hard and saved a lot of money for that watch, so I’m pretty pissed.



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