Blog Tips

Couple of tips to share about my blog

This blog is pretty easy to navigate. I chose a really simple layout not only you guys could navigate through, but one that I could figure out easily, because I’m an amateur when it comes to understanding blog page creations.

For those of you who might want to know, every week I put the song I’m really digging at the bottom of my page. You can press play on the player and groove out in your room…that’s what I do.

I’ve also included my Instagram feed on the right hand side of the blog. That way you can see my captured moments incase I forget to share them on my blog. Also, directly under the Instagram feed there is a section where you can follow my blog via email. All you do is enter your email address and whenever there’s a new post, you get a notification.

I haven’t really added anything else. I’m still trying to figure out what all these different “widgets” are. But if I do add any, I’ll let you know!

Hope this helps!

Cheers my lovelies.

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