Back Attack

Hayley’s Current Life Update

Legit have been super out of the loop and definitely not keeping on top of my blog…but that’s because I was trying to figure out some shit and the past couple weeks have been crazy.

I’m a strong believer in the universe sending us messages and all that. So the other I was walking my dog and a fox literally stood maybe 6 meters away from us and just stared. I kept walking and it was still looking at me. In that same walk, a rabbit came running from the bush and stopped right in front of me and didn’t move. The same night, I came home from the gym, and there were two cats that were wrestling in my front yard. I went over to them and asked if they had a home, and if so, they should head there before it got too late. One of the cats left, and the other followed me. I asked him if he had a home and he just meowed at me. I told him if he was still here in the morning, I would help him find his home. This cat sat outside my window all night meowing. I woke up in the early morning and he was gone. Don’t judge me, but to me, these were signs and the universe was trying to lead me in the right direction. I have now decided to pursue Veterinary Technology.

I am currently taking pre-med at my local college to get the grades in order to apply into the program. So far, this is the plan. I’m taking it one day at a time, trying not to look ahead too much and just doing the best I can in this moment.

Because I’m taking the upgrading at the college I previously attended, I’m going to be playing my fifth and final year of varsity volleyball. Just a heads up, I apologize in advance for any volleyball spam.

Now that I’ve gotten my schedule all figured out, I’m a little less stressed. Things are going well so far, mind you, it’s really weird learning things I learned almost 7 years ago in high school. But I’m looking at this as a branching moment.

**branching moment: kind of like a mind map where you have one idea and you build branches and different ideas off of it. In this case, I’m the idea and I’m building new experiences off myself.

Staying positive. Working hard. Playing volleyball. Hoping for a killer year ahead!


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